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Ladycross Plantation

Caravan and Lodge Park

Wildlife at Ladycross Plantation

Ladycross Plantation, as the name hints, is set in thirty acres of woodland and in amongst the trees and indeed the open areas there is an abundance of wildlife.

We will be updating this page with wildlife and nature information covering birds, insects, moths, hedgehogs to the many fungi which appeared last year.

We have this year been again awarded our Gold David Bellamy Conservation Award which we are very proud of and we are continuing to improve and develop the Park.

In addition to the wildlife we are aware of our environment and have taken steps to reduce the park energy by installing low energy bulbs, passive light sensors in the amentity blocks that operate only when people are using them, timed water saving taps and showers, band A fully condensing gas boilers to heat the amentity blocks through underfloor heating, double glazed windows and the provision of recycling bins around the park.

It is an ongoing project and we hope that the improvements we are making will improve your vacation.

Thank you

Snow deer compressed